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Welcome to Langhorne Softball

Langhorne Lightning is a dynamic competitive travel organization focused on the whole athlete.  We have brought into our organization former college players to lead our training and player development.  The focus of our program is to ensure our athletes have a great experience and have the opportunity to play softball at the college level.  We look forward to seeing you at Community Park for the upcoming 2020-21 season.

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The latest news

16U Gold won the USSSA Salute The Soldiers Championship.
53 runs and a 6-0 record!

16U Gold Championship

12U Red takes the 2021 USSSA Field Of Screams Championship!

12U champs

Envy Franklin, 14U Red, hit a grand slam!

Envy Franklin 14U Red



Led by Coaches Kristin Miller, Sean Diviny, Jessica Waitkevich, and Phil Buretta.

12U Blue

Led by Coaches Jeremy Ardoline, Brian Jacoby, Pete Burns, Stephanie Superka, and Andie Piacentino.

12U Red

Led by Coaches Scott Miller, Joe Mormello, Adria Frascella, and Kevin Skeels.

14U Blue

Led by Coaches Sally Miller, Lauren Creamer, and Gina Massaro.

14U Futures

Our goal is to work hard and compete at a high level. Led by Coaches Andy Waskie, Page Metz, Grace Derosa, Taylor Septer, Gina D’Andrea, and Tom Gearhart.

16U Blue

Dedicated to developing our girls’ softball skills. Led by Coaches Tim Olsen, Jeff Fang, and Jen Walker.

16U Gold

Developing well rounded athletes. Led by Coaches Tim Quense, Erin Quense, Bob Cieszkowski, Dana Knap, and Joe Sesar.